12 editor-approved trends that are easy to wear

Searching for exhilarating directions is my full time job. I spend nearly most of my days searching for the next best fashion statement – whether it’s in boxer shorts or lounging in the softest shearling accessory. While experimenting with bold colors and futuristic trends is fun, it can also be stressful.

At Who What Wear, wearable fashion is our holy grail and the place we call home after a busy day of next season’s market preview. While the niche trends I find very interesting, there is just something about the wearable that has the most impact on me. These are the trends we’ll be talking about 20 years from now—saying, “That leather jacket through 2021.” That’s why I spent the day tapping into our editor database to see what wearable trends our editors found so good that they stopped by and snapped a quick mirror selfie or photo along the way.

Surprise, surprise, in my research, I’ve been getting pictures of our editors’ outfits in the trendy, wearable pieces from the Who What Wear collection. It has become the perfect place we all turn to for easy-to-wear but also right now. There are so many ways I can describe quality to you, but these fabrics and details really speak for themselves when you see them IRL. So yeah, we’ve taken my search for wearable clothing trends to our final destination. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a collection of buzzy items that our editors tested and approved as the perfect antidote to any fashion-jumping sweatshirt you might have discovered in the fashion world at lightning speed. Read on to find the looks you’ll want to wear for years to come.

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