4 NYC Fashion That’s So Good We’d Wear Any City

If you ever mutter to yourself, “What should I wear?” While diving deep into your closet, just know that you’re not the only one. This is a weekly conversation I have in my house when I’m really confused. Yes, I live on my own and like to think of these moments of dialogue as breaking the fourth wall. One of my decisions about this eternal hesitation comes in the form of a camera roll folder including some of my latest outfits that can be easily recreated. I decided to take my role as a fashion editor very seriously and organize said iPhone folder into a shoppable story that we can come back to as a reference when we need some fresh inspiration.

Every time a new season comes up, I find myself searching for wardrobe staples that work double time to be both fashionable and timeless. I’ve spent this fall searching for transitional items I can wear between now and spring and I’m glad to be able to say to myself, so good so far. You’ll never ask, “what should I wear” again when you open your closet to find a plethora of ingredients to copy the outstanding fashion ideas you created for us. Think about jacket trends that have been stylish for ages but are currently seeing a resurgence and an update in 2022 on last year’s classics. Read on to discover these standout pieces and I expect we’ll be living through this winter.

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