7 Gifts Photographers Really Want This Holidays

Photography by Kristina Matos Albers

I gave her a glass of camera lens last year, and to this day she still has a place of pride. In the back corner of the closet, where cobwebs grow. And that funny shirt you gave her? The one who said, “I came, I saw, captured.” She wears it all the time. At least anytime there is a board to be done.

It is not easy to buy gifts for a photographer. It’s the thought that matters, of course. But let’s face it: some ideas are more awesome than others. So, as we head into the holiday season, we’ve rounded up seven great gift ideas that should put a smile on every photographer’s face.

How about a weatherproof camera bag, or a durable and lightweight tripod? Perhaps a fully assembled 3D printed camera or as a DIY kit?

De-stress when finding perfect gifts for the photographers in your life. The 2021 Holidays Photography Gift Guide has something for everyone!

Everyday ropes from BIC Design

If you take your camera with you, you’ll shoot more, period. The award-winning Everyday Sling from Peak Design provides a compact, powerful and discreet way to bring your toolkit to more places.

100% weatherproof recycled nylon fabric sheath protects in all conditions. The clean, modern aesthetic cleverly hides plenty of thoughtful features for organizing photos, drones, and everyday gear. To name a few: FlexFold dividers, tablet cover, quick-adjust shoulder strap, and external carry straps.

Available in 10, 6 and 3L sizes that cater to a range of camera equipment, from a full-frame body with heavy-duty professional glass all the way to a mirrorless street kit.

Learn more here.

Datacolor SpyderX Creation Kit

Everything needed to capture color inspiration, ensure color accuracy and sharp images, connect to the latest devices, and even add some extra storage to your workspace.

SpyderX Pro SpyderX is the most accurate, fastest (4X) color data and accurate screen calibrator ever.
ColorReader EZ Scan an object to find its exact paint color match, Savage Universal background match, and accurate RGB, Hex and Cie Lab color data for your digital workflow.
Spider tripod – Stabilize the camera to get sharp pictures. Flexible legs and light weight portability.
• Spyder Shelf – Provides vertical storage space by connecting it to your computer.
• Spyder USB-C – Adapts USB-A cables to USB-C ports.

Learn more here.

FJ Flash By FJ Westcott

If you’re new to flash photography or looking to upgrade your flash gear, Westcott has an ecosystem of flash that makes camera flash simple, with the most features among all the powerful manufacturers. Westcott is the only strong manufacturer that has a universal trigger for all camera systems, has the fastest recycle times, the most full power flashes, and its ecosystem has consistent color in between the lights. Pair these features with Westcott USA’s unparalleled customer service and you’ve got a winning combination. They lead the FJ400’s flagship ecosystem, but they offer other models as well.

See all of FJ’s flash drives here.

SLIK VARI-CF 700 Carbon Fiber Tripods by SLIK Tripods and Heads

The VARI CF-700 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod is a 3-in-1 tripod. Designed for hybrid shooters who need a single tripod that quickly switches between still photography and video shooting. The Rapid Column Exchange System is a simple tool-free release mechanism that allows you to switch between 3 different options for the center column.

Carbon fiber center column for quick height adjustment

• Video bowl to adjust horizon easily

• Flat plate for low angle work and light travel

Within seconds, the VARI CF-700 Series tripod can convert between 3 different tripod styles to suit your specific shooting needs.

Learn more here.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD V2.0

Get fast NVMe solid-state performance in a high-capacity portable drive that’s perfect for creating stunning content or capturing stunning footage. Easily install the Extreme Portable SSD V2 into your gear bag or backpack with the easy-to-use drive carabiner. Up to 2m drop protection, an IP55 water and dust resistance rating, plus a 5-year limited warranty give you extra peace of mind.

Learn more here.

Layflat Picture Book by Blurb

Made from extra-thick Premium Luster paper, Blurb’s Layflat Photo Books are the perfect showcase for stunning panoramic photos. Give each pretty picture the room it deserves, with free access, uninterrupted, via spacious double spaces. Each Layflat book comes with up to 110 pages, an ImageWrap, and a Hard Cover. Start your Layflat gift today!

Learn more here.

SCURA 6×6 by Dora Goodman cameras

SCURA 6 x 6 is a 3D printed pinhole camera that uses 120 film to take 60 x 60mm images.

Its unique curved back is designed to ensure that light reaches the film evenly from corner to corner, resulting in beautiful distortion-free photographs. Maintaining a simple approach to pinhole photography, the combination of a laser perforated pinhole plate and a magnet-operated shutter enables optimum accuracy and ease of use.

Being small and lightweight (only 0.27 kg / 270 g) means the SCURA is easy to transport; Put it in your pocket when you walk out the door and it will go with you anywhere. Because of its uncomplicated, yet meticulously designed features, it is a camera designed for all photographers, from beginners to professionals. Allow yourself to experience the magic of lensless photography at its best.

Learn more here.

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