9 Best Women’s Boxer Briefs And How To Style Them

Before the pandemic, the word loungewear wasn’t in my vocabulary, and I only allowed myself one pair of sweatpants for sick days—I bet they’re from a favorite personal designer. As a fashion girl, high heels were the only shoes I ever wore, and my collection of mini skirts and mini dresses deserved to be outside as much as I was. With the sudden need to adjust to a more comfortable wardrobe first while spending so many hours at home, I’ve done a lot of research to find what works best for me in the past couple of years. I’ve traded in a few of the wardrobe staples mentioned earlier, and my brilliantly tailored boxer shorts might just be the little trend to replace them.

I’m taking “borrowing from boys” to a whole new level by whipping up a few pairs of boxer shorts using tricks I’ve learned from some of my favorite fashion insiders. If the most stylish girls on my Instagram feed are designing women’s panties, what are I waiting for? Let’s just say the look below made me convinced. I’ve been watching them try on these shorts using simple stitching, color, and accessories, and now it’s my turn. A few quick purchases will have me ready to style them endlessly, so scroll through to discover the looks I’m shopping for to be totally stylish.

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