A Mercedes-Benz that looks like the getaway car used in the shooting of the young Dolph found

The investigation into the fatal shooting of Young Dolph is still ongoing, but it appears authorities may be close to finding the men responsible – starting with the alleged getaway car in which they got away.

Memphis residents gathered as authorities pulled a white Mercedes-Benz from behind an apartment house in Orange Mound. Video footage showed a white Benz, apparently resembling the one captured by authorities in the surveillance video after the shooting, being lifted onto a tow truck.

While we can’t confirm this information, the white two-door car appears to have tires similar to those on the vehicle that Memphis police released Thursday. It is also unclear to whom the car was found.

As previously mentioned, Memphis PD is looking for the two men responsible for shooting Young Dolph while he was visiting homemade cookies at Makeda in Memphis. The shots went off in broad daylight, leaving Dolph dead at the scene. Authorities say the two men escaped in the white Benz car in question.

Memphis PD has not confirmed if the car towed on Saturday afternoon was connected to the filming, but we’ll update you as the story develops.

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