A statement issued by the Texas High School after a video clip of the physical assault of a teacher went viral

in a In the past few days, a video of a white student physically attacking and making race-based comments towards her black teacher went viral, which went viral on social media. Well, it looks like the school where the accident took place has seen the video too! Castleberry High School in Texas issued a statement Monday addressing the viral video.

“We first want to commend the teacher for the calm demeanor and absolute professionalism she demonstrated throughout the entire incident, even as the situation became violent and humiliating,” the statement said. “We support this parameter and its response in the strongest possible terms.”

The statement also stated that the school administration contacted the police due to “criminal activity” in the video. However, the district is also said to be conducting its own investigations.

In addition, the county is currently conducting its own investigation, including reviewing video footage and taking statements from those present.

In conclusion, the statement said Castleberry will not tolerate “harassment, racism and violence” against its teachers.

In the clip, the teacher is seen making a phone call using a land line. The unknown student walks to the front of the class and ends the call. The teacher reaches out to move the student’s hand from the tap of the dial.

Suddenly the student slapped the teacher’s hand and said, “Deal with me.” Immediately afterwards, the teacher walks to the front of her desk, faces the student and says “You touched me, I didn’t touch you.” When the teacher walks to the door to ask for help, the student starts calling her mother.

When the teacher comes back and tries to take the phone, the student clogs her hand and says “No, I’m calling my mom because you’re not about to flap me ***”.

Then, she seems to get her mother on the line, in conversation. The student starts yelling on the phone “You want to talk to her because she’s black and she’s bothering me now,” she says. Then the student throws the mobile part of the phone at the teacher. At this point, the teacher sits behind the desk.

The students laughed and made comments, but no one seemed to interfere with the short clip.

This is an evolving story.

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