Advertisement Kase Wolverine Armor 100mm Magnetic Filter System

Kase has announced a new filtration system that combines the speed and ease of use of magnetic circular filters with the versatility of 100mm rectangular filters.

Kase Wolverine Armor 100mm Magnetic Alloy Mount Compatible with Back Mounted Magnetic Circular Polarizer (CPL) 95mm, Magnetic Armor 95mm
Circular neutral density filters and magnetic filter frames, enabling two frames to be stacked on the stand.

Magnetic frames enable existing Kase Wolverine 100mm filters to be used with the new Kase Wolverine Armor 100mm mount as well as the new Kase Armor 95mm Magnetic Round ND (Neutral Density) filters.

In addition to allowing the 100mm filters to be attached to the Armor 100mm mount, the new magnetic frames provide some protection for the filters.

The new Kase mount is designed for use on full-frame lenses with focal lengths up to 14mm without vignetting.

Features of Kase Wolverine Armor 100mm

  • Polarizer equipped with magnets and circular ND filters
  • Simple and fast to use
  • Magnetic frames add protection to 100mm filters
  • Pro . HD optical glass
  • Practically no color cast
  • scratch resistant
  • Metallic Nano Coating
  • Easy to clean and water and dust/dirt repellent
  • The circular magnetic ND reduces light leakage
  • Partner with Kase Wolverine 100mm Series Filters
Advertisement Kase Wolverine Armor 100mm Magnetic Filter System

Kase Wolverine Armor 100mm price and availability

The Kase Wolverine Armor 100m Magnetic Filter Mount Kit will retail for £269. Kit includes stand with 95mm CPL, 77mm and 82mm magnetic adapters, 67mm and 72mm graduated adapter covers and rings, as well as a 100 x 100mm magnetic frame and 100 x 150mm magnetic frame.

The magnetic tires will retail for £40 while the 95mm round ND filter is priced at £125. Neutral density filters such as ND8, ND64 and ND1000 are available.

Visit Kase to order.

Advertisement Kase Wolverine Armor 100mm Magnetic Filter System

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