Al Roker reminds Messi parade viewers that all the balloons they see today are ready for adoption

NEW YORK – Al Roker hilariously presented Macy’s Thanksgiving Day alongside Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie, Thursday that all the balloons they see during the broadcast are currently up for adoption. said Rucker, pointing at SpongeBop squareHe explained that the inflatable ants are currently nurtured by a family who already has three Balloons of their own, prompting viewers to find a place in their hearts and homes for this 896-pound polyurethane compound. “These lovable and loyal characters can go home with you today, awaiting approval of your application from the ASPCB and the New York Balloon Society. If you see a number you like, just call the number at the bottom of the screen and we’ll set you up with basic training, plus to enough helium to last through the first few months of ownership.We also want to remind viewers of the unique advantages of adopting a balloon on the older side, like Papa Smurf here, who has been patiently waiting to be rescued for so long – while larger airships require a bit more maintenance on your part, They make rewarding companions, and they deserve your love and affection like a shiny new balloon like Baby Yoda. Please, call now.” At press time, Roker was frantically scrambling to throw in a commercial after astronaut Snoopy attacked the baby leader.

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