Americans assure the Pentagon that they don’t care enough to make it profitable to cover up drone strikes

WASHINGTON — In the wake of revelations that military commanders deliberately buried evidence of civilian casualties on their guard, Americans assured the Pentagon Tuesday that they did not care enough to make covering up such strikes useful. “It looks like you guys are going to great lengths to hide how many civilians you’ve killed, we just want to make it clear that you’re wasting your time. Eric Schmidt, one of the millions of American citizens who insisted that wherever the Pentagon was bombed and no matter how many innocent people had been killed, it was in one ear and out the other. for them. “Honestly, let this stuff out. Anyone who pretends to care will just scan the headline to advertise it and then go back to our normal lives. Really, covering it up makes it look worse. Otherwise, it’s normal to assume 70 The women and children dying in one of our drone strikes is what’s supposed to happen.” The nation’s citizens added that with all the time the Department of Defense would save by not trying to hide casualties, they would likely kill more innocent civilians and Americans still didn’t care.

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