Best Gear & Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm in Winter (2021)

your home to The submarine safety is sealed with a bulkhead door. All that expensive heating you pay for during fall and winter mixes with the cool air that’s constantly flowing through windows, doors, floors, and electrical outlets. Buildings – even new ones – are more voluminous than one would expect, and the volume of cold winter air that can seep through the tiniest crack of the hole is mind-boggling.

There are ways to mitigate it with some quick fixes. You are could Buy a thermal leak detector to find cold spots in your home, but before you buy anything, take a quick look. You can get an idea of ​​whether there are gaps in the door frames and base plates and if you can feel cold air rushing through the insulating weather around the windows.

We’ve outlined several things you can do to insulate your home and keep the air hot this winter. These are all projects that are easy to handle and anyone can tackle, and none of them cost a lot of money. With the savings on your electric bill, they may even pay themselves.

Updated November 2021: We’ve replaced the DAP plug with a GE plug, added electric plug sockets and another heating jacket, and updated retailer availability and pricing.

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Most likely, if you live in an apartment or an older house, you have gaps in that 90-degree angle where the wall panels meet your floor. These gaps may not seem like much, but the amount of cool air flowing through them into your home is great. Check molding of window frames for gaps, too.

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