Black Friday camera deals 2021

For millions of Americans, the term “Black Friday” is synonymous with the start of the Christmas season. In this guide to the best Black Friday camera deals, we’ll first explain the history of what Black Friday means and why it’s here to stay…

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday refers to the large-scale retail sales that occur on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Usually the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday sales are packed with big discounts, massive discounts, and some of the lowest prices of the season on everything from cars to light bulbs.

While there are many fictional stories about the origin of the term “Black Friday,” ranging from the 1869 gold market crash to Philadelphia police fed up with holiday traffic, the simple answer is: “Black” refers to the accounting principle of “being in color.” Black ”, which means taking profit, in contrast to being in the red zone, which indicates a loss. T

The colors refer to the ink colors that accountants used when records were kept manually. Black Friday is usually the time when stores start taking profits, making the transition from red to black.

Black Friday may seem like a great opportunity for both retailers and shoppers, but it does come with some unpleasantness. Department stores usually open before dawn, attracting huge crowds with some patrons camping the night before to secure their place in line.

In recent years, some retailers have gone so far as to open their doors on Thanksgiving night (Black Thursday?). Not only does this force customers to forgo their cherished vacations, it also forces retail employees to work at a grueling pace.

Also, retailers often only offer a limited number of discounted items on Black Friday, leading some shoppers to literally struggle for a low-priced laptop or flat-screen TV.

Every year in the US, the news is plagued with cell phone shots of excited shoppers on Black Friday throwing punches and plucking hair just to get their hands on the latest product.

So while Black Friday certainly saves shoppers money and starts a huge sales boon for retailers, it does so at a price. With online shopping on a sharp rise, it may be easier to just stay home.

Up to 15% off in Insta360

If you are looking for a 360-degree or action camera, check out Insta360 who are offering a range of limited discounts on some of their most popular products. You can check our opinion in our Insta360 GO 2 review and Insta360 One R Twin Edition review

  • 15% off the Insta360 ONE R, the world’s first durable interchangeable action camera;
  • 10% off the Insta360 ONE X2, the newest 360-degree camera;
  • 10% off the Insta360 GO 2 + Free Lens Guard, the world’s smallest action camera;
  • 10% off all accessories and 50% off Special Offer on ONE R Battery, Dive Case and Lens Guard!

To take advantage of these offers, check out the Insta360 Black Friday online store

Up to 15% off all Nisi . products

NiSi V6 Holder with Landscape CPL Review

Filter manufacturer Nisi offers up to 15% off all of its products including the Ultra Filtration System. You can see the full review of the NiSi V6 mount with our Landscape CPL, NiSi Pro Enhance ND-VARIO 1.5-5 Stops Review, and NiSi Pro Nano Enhance ND Vario 5-9 stop Review

For full details on Nisi Black Friday 2021 deals visit our online store

Up to 55% off Rotolight products

Rotolite AEOS 2

This is one of the biggest photography deals to date with 55% off amazing ANOVA bulbs and most of the rest of the current collection. You can check out our reviews of the Rotolight NEO II and Rotolight AEOS Lights.

For more details on the full offers, check out the Black Friday 2021 Rotolight Shop

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