Brandon Scott Jones Explains Isaac’s Ghostbuster

Not the next story we expected.

On the November 18 episode of ghosts, titled “D&D,” viewers watched the movie Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier, a shocking confession: He’s a killer. A flashback scene revealed that Isaac accidentally shot his British rival, Nigel, while admiring the opponent through a lens he was riding on a rifle.

This was understandably shocking news for Nigel, but it was even more surprising to us, as we thought Isaac would reveal his true feelings for the British soldier. Isaac’s sexuality is embedded throughout the series, with even the 245-year-old ghost apparently crushing on Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) at one point.

And in “D&D,” the ghosts suggested that Isaac and Nigel had been crushing on each other for some time. So why didn’t Isaac tell Nigel how he really felt in the new episode?

Well, according to Brandon, this is just one step in Isaac’s greater journey of self-discovery. “Yes, Isaac comes out of the closet in this episode, but not necessarily as gay,” he told E! News, “But as a killer.”

According to Brandon, Isaac suffered “a lot of guilt and a lot of shame” because of this incident, and Maybe He blamed his sexuality for the process.

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