Carol Baskin responds to the claim that husband Don Lewis may be alive

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida renewed its investigation into the case in 2020. Cpl. Moises Garcia Tell Tampa Bay Times that the Department of Homeland Security recently aided the sheriff’s office through its Panama office by “reducing the number of potential clients in Costa Rica.”

Garcia declined to comment on the document presented in the presentation, citing the open investigation. but, Joseph C. Dominic, a former sheriff’s detective who helped Garcia in the case, told the newspaper that anything in the series indicating that Luis was alive in Costa Rica is “all the hype.”

He described Garcia Baskin as a “high-profile figure of interest” in the case. Asked if she was a suspect, Garcia said the only person not suspected is himself, adding: “Everyone else is a possibility.”

Baskin said in a statement on its website on Thursday tiger king 2 “He continues to do everything in his power to mistakenly convince the viewer that Carol was involved in the disappearance of Don Lewis… For anyone who still wants to believe that Carol killed Don, please explain why you think the detectives are in an armchair, or you know better than the Special Agent. The FBI official in this Homeland Security document states that “Don Luis is alive and well in Costa Rica.”

The Lewis family is offering a special reward of $100,000 in exchange for tips that will lead to finding out what happened to him. They announced it on billboards and even in an ad that aired in the fall of 2020 during Dancing with the Stars, when he competed with Baskin on the show.

Baskin has a theory that Lewis crashed a small or very light plane in the Gulf of Mexico, which I described in detail in a Q&A on Reddit recently. employment tiger king 2, Louis’ assistant in Costa Rica, King RodriguezHe said the man “talked about moving to Costa Rica to start over” and told him “he’s there to get away from Carol”. Rodriguez said Luis flew a Cessna back and forth there, then often brought heavy boxes full of $100,000 to $200,000 of $100 bills, buried under second-hand clothes, and put the case “in different companies” to stash the money.

One of Louis’ daughters. Donna Pettis, he said in the episode, “That sounds like my dad. It looks like he was trying to get his money out of the States so that when he divorced Carol, there would be little to give her.”

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