Colleges Lawsuit Pork, Chicken and Livestock DNA Discovered in Subway Tuna

You may all want to proceed with caution when reading this story, Romys, for it may make your stomach turn! As mentioned earlier, Subway has been in some heat since it was revealed that the sandwich chain may not serve real tuna sandwiches.

A study published in the New York Times revealed that no traces of tuna were found in Subway’s tuna sandwiches, but lab specialists couldn’t determine what was in the fish mixture — until now. According to Reuters, the new version of the lawsuit accusing Subway of deceiving the public with tuna says the sandwiches contain chicken, pork and livestock.

The updated lawsuit, filed by Karen Dhanoa and Neelima Amin, is the third version of the proposed class action lawsuit, which Subway called “reckless and indecent.” Since the lawsuit was filed in January, Subway has launched a tuna defense website and revamped its menu.

Subway representatives say the new lawsuit is misleading the public.

“The plaintiffs’ latest attempt to file a case against Subway is as good an attempt as their previous attempts,” said Mark C. Goodman, an attorney representing Subway. “These allegations are false and will prove to be completely meat-free if the case goes beyond the pleading stage.”

In a statement to The Washington Post, a Subway spokesperson said that their tuna is “high quality, wild-caught, 100%…The fact remains that Subway tuna is real and strictly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, the government other entities around the world.

Subway is working to dismiss the lawsuit.

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