Danny Lee’s mother and sister talk amidst the drama with celebrity news from DaBaby

The saga continues! As we’re on day two of the drama with DaniLeigh and DaBaby, the rapper continues to make some big accusations about his dealings with Danny. While he embarrassed her by denying their relationship and calling it two-sided, he also came for her family’s sake. In a series of videos he uploaded to his Instagram story, he finally showed off their beautiful three month old daughter and explained that he is the father first and then the celebrity second no matter what all the drama is on.

“You will take care of them, children,” said he, “for I will take care of my children.” “And for the confused family, trying to talk and talk about the situation, she wouldn’t even know. She doesn’t know either. She’s never seen a day in her life. Shawty Mama, you haven’t met your grandson yet.” In addition, DaBaby also commented one of the videos claiming that Danny’s family disowned their daughter because she is half black.

Danny, who hails from the Dominican Republic, was very upset that DaBaby would reveal her daughter to the world. The singer wrote in her Instagram story that his antics were sad and called him a bad guy. Danny’s mother, Vicki Coriel, broke her silence and shared a lengthy message about the “toxic” situation. Vicki thanked everyone who reached out to her and explained that her main property was making sure her daughter and granddaughter were safe.

Danny’s family is not over yet. Her sister Brianna Leah has addressed DaBaby’s claims that her family has disowned the child on her Instagram. “You can never say we ‘disowned’ the baby. I’ve loved her since the day we found out she was pregnant…collecting pictures and planning a shower (which you didn’t come to) and making sure she (Danny) was mentally stable without you here,” she wrote.

Rooms rooms, a lot of tea has been spilled in less than 24 hours. Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts on everything!

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