Davido raised over $400,000 after asking friends and former collaborators to send him birthday money

The people of Davido review the Nigerian artist! Forget the flowers, his supporters have stuffed his pockets with more than 184 million Nigerian naira since Wednesday morning. This translates to about $447,000, per XE coin.

“We won’t stop,” Davido wrote on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. “Let’s go!!!.”

How did you start

It all started when Davido put together a little birthday challenge for his family, friends, and former clients. On Twitter, he wrote, “If you know I gave you a hit song…send me the money.” But he also jumped on Instagram to spread the word about this year’s birthday request.

“We rise by lifting others, we rise by lifting others over the past 100 years,” Davido said. “So I want to know who my friends are, all my friends I want a million naira.”

He shared his Wema bank account details and started collecting some serious coins. Within the first few hours, Davido joked about not knowing that people like him “so”.

Davido tweeted: “I’m already crying.” “Just be good to that ppl guy!!! Allah! I really love you guys!!! “

Money money money!

Davido provided updates to his birthday fundraiser via screenshots from his account posted on Instagram and Twitter. As his demand spread, the money kept accumulating. Even fans seemed to have joined in the viral fundraiser.

Yung Bleu joked with Davido on Twitter: “davido u got some rich fans.”

The last screenshot shared on Thursday shows 184104.565.73 Nigerian Naira. According to XE, when converted to US dollars, Davido had about $447,813.54 to play with.

Well, here’s a way to start the days leading up to another year around the sun! It is said that Davido will celebrate his 29th birthday on Sunday, November 21. Now, as the old people say, don’t go spend it all in one place Davido!

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