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Truth is one thing, news is another – that’s sarcasm we hear about newsrooms all over the world. In fact, this line describes what Dhamaka means. The thriller is an official remake of the 2013 Korean film The Terror Live. Paints an unflattering picture for news channels. Dhamaka tells you that the news is drugs and that different channels are fighting wars for influence, like the mafia, to get the bulk of the work.

Radio talk show host Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aryan) receives a call from a man who claims to have planted a bomb on the Mumbai Naval Link. Arjun cuts off the call thinking he is dealing with a scammer and the caller, angry, sets off the bomb. Much of the bridge collapsed, leaving many passengers stranded. The caller called back saying he wanted an apology from the government for the deaths of three workers who were killed in the bridge repair some time ago. Arjun (Amruta Subhash) boss Ankita Malaskar, who only cares about TRPs, turns the radio room into a TV studio because she wants to exploit the situation for all it’s worth. She even agreed to Arjun’s demands to bring him back on TV. He was removed from being a primetime broadcaster due to a hateful incident. His personal life is also in stasis as his marriage to news reporter Soumya Mehra Pathak (Mrunal Thakur) is on the verge of divorce. Arjun feels that if he succeeds in negotiating with the terrorist on live TV, he will be called a hero and get another chance to get his career and life back. But as the minutes passed, he realized how tough his profession was. His bosses don’t care about the loss of human life, the police and the political system just want to save their donkeys. The only person who agrees with her call is his wife, who arrived there as a journalist but gave a helping hand during the rescue operations. Seeing her go beyond the call of duty helps him adjust to his shallow nature and helps him bring about a change in his heart. He also realizes that he is a victim of the regime like the terrorist who planted the bombs…

The movie was reportedly shot in 11 days, and that’s kind of a recording. However, if you look closely, the areas around the movie remind you of a movie set. CGI could have been better, too. Ram Madhwani has given us the gripping hostage drama Nerja (2016) and has returned to a somewhat similar setting in Dhamaka. He’s already made some smart casting choices. Amruta Subhash is eerily accurate in her portrayal of a company president who only cares about profits. The scenes of her confrontation with Kartik are already captivating. Sidonal Thakur also gets a short but powerful role of a dedicated journalist who still believes in the truth. It’s the emotional introduction to film genres and we wish we’d seen more of them. But the most daring option is to choose Kartik Aaryan. The actor is known for doing rom coms and called the monologue expert in the industry. Madhvani made him break the envelope and bring his weaknesses to the core. It takes a while to get into the groove but as the movie progresses, Kartik shows his emotional pool. You see him transform from a cynical news anchor into a person who becomes a victim of the monster he helped create. It’s the new Kartik Aaryan that we see here and hopefully takes more risks like this in the future.

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TNN, December 9, 2019, 7:28 p.m. IS

Critic’s Rating:

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