Enjoy these magical details about your favorite Disney movies

24. This classic 1989 film launched what is widely known as the Disney Renaissance. In the wake of Oliver & CoAnd black cauldron And many more live action movies in Herbie Franchise, the success of Ariel and co. The highly acclaimed ’90s fare followed: Beauty and the beastAnd AladdinAnd the king lionAnd Toy Story

25. Give the opening scene with King Triton a rewatch: Eagle-eyed viewers (or, you know, those with the ability to press pause) can spot Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck in the midst of the underwater crowd, leading to continued fame The studio has a tradition of giving nods to other members of its extensive works.

26 – The color was the basis for the picture of the oceans. According to the official Walt Disney Company blog, Ariel’s red locks were chosen to help distinguish her from the Daryl HannaThe blonde mermaid in 1994 splash And to complement the blue-green color of its fin, a color specially mixed by Disney’s drawing lab named Ariel.

27. As for her facial features, they were inspired by:Who is the manager? star Alyssa Milano. “I didn’t know that when it was happening,” the actress said. Wendy Williams In 2013. “But they asked me to host making little mermaid There came that drawing and example little mermaid It was based on pictures of me when I was younger, which is And therefore cool!”

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