Execution of Julius Jones – Update: Family appeals to governor for last-minute clemency

Julius Jones supporters gather outside the Oklahoma governor’s home before the execution

Julius Jones is scheduled to be executed by the state of Oklahoma on Thursday.

The Jones family and his supporters – a group that includes celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and basketball player Russell Westbrook – have been lobbying Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to commute the man’s sentence to life imprisonment, but so far Mr. Stitt has not indicated he is considering the opposite. .

Mr State also faces international pressure after the European Union’s ambassador to the United States wrote a letter asking him to stop the execution, and a petition against the execution garnered more than 6 million signatures.

Jones, 41, spent more than half his life in prison after being charged and convicted of killing Paul Howell during a 1999 car theft. He maintained he was innocent of the crime and was charged by his then-accused friend and partner, who allegedly actually shot Mr. Howell .

The state has set Jones to be killed by lethal injection, making him the second prisoner to be executed since the state stopped using the deadly drug for six years after a series of failed executions. The first person to be executed since the moratorium was lifted was a 60-year-old inmate who had convulsions and vomited during the execution, which raised further questions about the drug.

Jones and his supporters would visit Mr. State’s office in the days before the execution in an effort to secure a meeting to discuss a moratorium on executions. ABC Documentary last defense It explores Jones’ fight to avoid the death penalty and attract the support of celebrities, especially those with connections to Oklahoma.


Pressure continues on Oklahoma’s governor amid clemency decision

Pressure continues on Governor Kevin Stitt as Julius Jones’ family and activists await his decision on whether those on death row will receive clemency.

With Julius Jones’ execution just hours away, social media users keep sending tweets to the state’s governor asking him to grant a pardon to Julius Jones.

In addition, the governor’s office received thousands of calls from activists urging him to intervene before Jones’ execution today.

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ICYMI: Explanation – Suspicions arose as Julius Jones’s execution approached

The fate of Julius Jones — who spent nearly 20 years on death row, even as many questions raised doubts about his guilt — rests with Oklahoma Governor Kevin State

There were only hours for Stitt to decide whether Jones would live or die. He is scheduled to receive a lethal injection Thursday.

Jones, 41, was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1999 shooting of Paul Howell, a businessman from an affluent Oklahoma City suburb. Jones has consistently maintained his innocence.

The full story below addresses key arguments made by Jones’ attorneys and the plaintiffs’ responses:

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The German ambassador to the United States also joins the calls for clemency

Emily Haber, the German ambassador to the USA, also joined calls yesterday for Julius Jones’ pardon.

“As Germans, abolition of the death penalty has been one of the lessons we’ve learned from our history. Today, I join in calling for an amnesty for #JuliusJones,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I hope that all of the United States will join the historic process of abolition of the death penalty.”

Thomas KingsleyNovember 18, 2021 10:13


Julius Jones “lost visitation and phone privileges” according to reports

Julius Jones has lost visitation and phone privileges as his execution date approaches, according to reports.

Oklahoma journalist Abigail Ogle wrote in a Twitter post: “Julius Jones has lost his visit and phone privileges. I just spoke with attorney Kelly Masters who spoke with him last night. She is one of the last people to speak to Jones unless the governor steps in.”

Ms. Ogle shared transcripts from a conversation with Jones’ attorney.

In one of the screenshots, Masters said: “I think the hardest thing for him is the uncertainty. Like everyone we are waiting to see if there will be an announcement or if it will end.”

“He just wanted to know. He wanted to know what to prepare for.”

Thomas KingsleyNovember 18, 2021 09:20


No pardon has yet been issued by the governor of Oklahoma, with the death penalty approaching

The family and activists who support Julius Jones are still awaiting a decision from Oklahoma Governor Kevin States on whether the death row inmate will be granted clemency.

The Republican governor has not yet said whether he will accept the recommendation of the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board, which voted 3-1 on November 1 to commute Jones’ sentence to life in prison with the possibility of parole, CNN mentioned.

“This governor has nothing to call for, he has a decision to make,” said Ces Jones-Davis, campaign manager for Justice for Julius, referring to reports that the governor was in “deep prayer” about the decision.

“Governor,” she said, “you still have a chance, and you still have time.” “You have the Governor State time to properly understand this.”

The radio said it did not hear back from Governor State’s office after contacting them.

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Baker Mayfield: I hope God will intervene

Clearly emotional, Baker Mayfield told reporters Wednesday that he hopes “God will intervene” in Julius Jones’ case as the prisoner is now hours away from execution.

“You know, hoping that God would step in, get it right and do the things he needs to do,” Mayfield said, sobbing.

Baker Mayfield, a Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Oklahoma, featured Jones’ name on the back of his helmet last season in support of the inmate.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield


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Oklahoma high school students stage strikes as NFL star weighs in on case

High school students across Oklahoma City have pulled out of their classrooms to protest the execution of Julius Jones. Prayer vigils were held in the state capitol, and barricades were erected outside the governor’s mansion.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield also gave his opinion on Jones’ case in which he urged Republican Governor Kevin Stitt to commute his sentence and spare his life. “Yes, it’s very difficult, to be honest with you,” Mayfield, a University of Oklahoma alumnus, said Wednesday. “This is not an easy thing to talk about. You have been trying to clarify the facts and tell the truth for a while.

“It’s a shame it’s come this far, 24 hours,” he added.

Thomas KingsleyNovember 18, 2021 08:33


David Cox’s daughter talks about the moment Cox killed her mother

The 23-year-old step-daughter of David Cox, who was executed in Mississippi on Wednesday, remembers the agonizing moment she saw her mother lying on the ground, bleeding after Cox shot her.

Lindsay Kirk was only eight years old when her mother was murdered by Cox.

Talking to News agency, just the day before his execution at the Mississippi State Penitentiary in Parchman, Ms. Kirk said, “When I knew he wanted to go ahead and finish the execution, I wasn’t happy about it. Like, I kind of wanted him to sit there. I think I’m OK with that now.” .

Cox, before his execution, said he “deserved to die.”

“I shot through the screen door, and he ran up and told me not to move,” said Mrs. Kirk, remembering the day her mother was shot. Then he took his daughter-in-law there and ‘Mama was lying on the floor. Mrs. Kirk remembered she was bleeding. Her brother was ‘stuffed in a closet’.

Cox also sexually assaulted her three times in front of her dying mother.

Maroucheh MuzaffarNovember 18, 2021 06:56


60% of Oklahoma City voters support the commutation of Julius Jones’ death sentence

A poll conducted by the Death Penalty Information Center earlier this year revealed that “60 percent of those who said they knew anything about the death row inmate Julius Jones believed that Oklahoma authorities should commute the death penalty.”

The center surveyed 500 registered voters in Oklahoma between June 24 and 28 this year and said awareness of the death row issue had increased “significantly” in the state.

41-year-old Julius Jones has been sentenced to death for the murder of a businessman – Paul Howell – in 1999 during a car theft.

Meanwhile, as of November 17 this year, ten prisoners have been executed in the United States by the federal and state governments.

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Spain joins the list of European countries demanding the clemency of Julius Jones

Spain has become the latest European country to join other European Union countries in its calls for clemency.

The ambassadors of France, Belgium and Denmark have already joined the European Union’s call for mercy for Julius Jones.

Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, confirmed this in a tweet on Twitter.

And he tweeted: “Spain has now joined the list of European countries that demand the clemency of #JuliusJones. MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen, Lord.”

Jones, 41, has been sentenced to death by lethal injection for the 1999 murder of businessman Paul Howell, during a car theft.

Meanwhile, Governor Kevin Stitt hasn’t said anything about granting clemency to Jones.

There is a growing clamor around this execution scheduled for Thursday, with many organizations and public figures throwing their weight behind the case.

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