Fire in a high-rise hotel in Manhattan injures seven

Seven people were injured in a fire that broke out Monday inside a high-rise hotel in Midtown Manhattan being built next to the News Corp headquarters.

The fire was reported after 10:20 a.m. The fire broke out on the 10th floor of the 49-story tower that would eventually become home to the Rio Manhattan Plaza Times Square Hotel.

According to a New York Fire Department spokesman, 78 firefighters responded to the fire.

An FDNY spokesperson confirmed that all seven people injured in the fire were civilians. Five of the injured required to be taken to hospital, and two others were treated at the scene by paramedics.

Pictures of the building – just steps from Times Square – showed smoke billowing from the tallest and spreading as it soared into the Manhattan skyline.

The cause of the fires is still under investigation.

Another fire broke out in the city last week, killing a woman’s son and sister. Neighbors tried to save her family, but they did not succeed.

Survivor, Anna Pagan, returns home with her other son and grandson to remove some of the few items that survived the fire.

Ms Pagan’s son said his brother died in the fire and rescued his mother, he said New York Daily News.

She said the fire detector in their house did not go off, and she only realized the fire when she started seeing smoke.

Ms. Pagan said her neighbors heard the family’s screams and tried to break down the door to reach them.

“We try to knock on the door to get in, because we just heard her screaming,” Jane Flood, who lives upstairs, told the outlet. “But we couldn’t get into the apartment, because their doors are too strong.”

Ms. Pagan eventually managed to escape from the house, but her son and sister were later pulled from the building by EMS workers, but they did not respond.

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