HBO Drama The Weeknd Idol Officially Happening

Update: The WeekndThe first ever TV show to feature on HBO.

On Monday, November 22, HBO confirmed the drama that currently bears his name idolSix episodes are played. According to the advertisement, Amy Simitz He will direct the entire first season, with The Weeknd and Lily Rose Depp He is set to be a star on the show.


The Weeknd has hit his next big gig, and it’s safe to say the singer has it.

according to diverse, The starboy The performer team up with trance originator Sam Levinson For the upcoming HBO series idol. He will produce and co-write the series along with Levinson and his creative producer, Reda FahimBoth are credited as creators.

And yes, he’ll also star in the show, but there’s no word yet on who he’ll be filming.

diverse Reports suggest that the show will follow the Los Angeles pop star who begins dating the club’s owner. The big development? And the owner of the aforementioned club happens to be the leader of a sect.

The Weeknd confirmed his involvement with the show on Instagram by simply reposting stories and tagging HBO.

This will be the first major role for the 31-year-old actress. The star previously made a cameo Adam Sandler‘s Uncut GemstonesThe guest wrote and starred in the 2020 episode of American Dad.

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