Here are the fashion items to buy – and skip – on Black Friday

Given that I’m someone who does online shopping all day for a living, it should come as no surprise that I’m fairly good at making amazing selling finds. Searching the endless pages of discounted products is not fun for anyone, and with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday approaching, sales are increasing by the second. To ensure you have an even more enjoyable sale shopping experience this year (because 2020 has been tough enough as it is), I’ve gone through the best sales of the season to bring you 25 purchases you never want to skip this week and weekend.

In addition, there are two things that I want to advise you not to buy during this period of sale. Last year, we got some insider knowledge from the retail expert at about exactly what not to buy during these seasonal sales. The first thing on the list was jewelry. Sale prices actually increase after Valentine’s Day, so if you can avoid the category altogether, you’ll make a wise decision. The second is winter coats. I know, for example, I always feel very tempted to stock up on all the amazing outerwear the season has to offer, but experts assure you’ll get better details once winter is over, so again, put off if you can.

Welcome to our secret Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sale shopping tips, but our goal wasn’t to get you to stop shopping, it was actually to encourage you to stock up on all the amazing finds we’ve made be We advise you to buy as soon as possible. So go ahead and fill up your carts. you deserve it.

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