His lawyer said a senior Trump Organization official will not be indicted in the fraud case

His attorney confirmed that Michael Calamari, the Trump Organization’s chief operating officer, will not be indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney in a tax fraud case.

Calamari, who previously served as the bodyguard of former US President Donald Trump, was under investigation by New York attorneys general for allegedly receiving additional tax-deductible benefits from the Trump Organization. Trump and his company employees have been accused of illegally evading taxes on such concessions.

“I have been advised that there are no current intentions to bring charges against Mr. Calamari,” his lawyer, Nicholas Gravant, said. We believe this is a fair and equitable decision. What the future holds regarding the attorney general’s ongoing investigation is anyone’s guess.”

He added: “Mr. Calamari is pleased that the Attorney General’s office has indicated that it has no current intention to bring charges against him. This is a fair and appropriate decision. He did not commit any crimes and lived a perfect life.”

The lawyer added that Mr. Calamari would cooperate with law enforcement officials if he was called. He said: (If he comes down to testify, he will attend and testify to the truth).

In July, the Trump Organization and its longtime chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg were accused of carrying out a “gross and bold” tax fraud scheme over 15 years.

Of the 15 criminal charges, Weiselberg received $1.7 million in non-tax benefits, such as apartment rent, school tuition, and car payments. Both the Trump Organization and Mr. Weisselberg have pleaded not guilty to all charges, and the trial is expected to begin in September 2022.

The indictment unsealed in July stated that “beneficiaries of the scheme obtained substantial portions of their income through indirect and disguised means, with unreported or misreported compensation by Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corp. “.

Lawyers for the Trump Organization described the indictment as “politically motivated.”

Earlier this month, the Manhattan District Attorney called a grand jury meeting to consider potential new charges in a case involving the Trump Organization.

Meanwhile, Vance’s attorneys general on Wednesday issued new subpoenas for records of Trump’s hotels, golf clubs and office buildings, New York times mentioned. She added that prosecutors had interviewed a banker working for Deutsche Bank, Trump’s biggest lender.

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