How and why do I dye my hair at home with Garnier Olia

3 years ago I made the big makeover… I stopped going to the hair salon and started coloring my hair at home! You may be wondering why, the truth is that there are several different reasons. Reason #1: I have quite a few shades of gray at this point, and since my hair grows so fast, I have to touch up my roots every two weeks or so. Going to a hair salon was often very expensive not to mention time consuming and often inconvenient.

The second reason was the health of my hair. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I changed my hair color a lot and went from black to blonde in a fairly short amount of time, this obviously took a toll…and boring, and I wasn’t entirely happy with the way it looked.

I started exploring my options. I wanted to go back to my natural shade and work on getting my hair back to its healthy state, which is when I came across Olia by Garnier. What attracted me to him? Olya It is the fact that it is ammonia free (made up of 60% natural flower oils) however, it is a permanent hair dye with 100% gray coverage!

Were you skeptical the first time you used it? Yes I was! But it covered my gray hair, my hair looked instantly shinier and healthier, and most importantly, I can now color my hair at home, at my convenience, whenever I want!

Another quick note, if you’re sensitive to smells like me, you’ll love it Olya It doesn’t have that harsh ammonia smell, it has a very nice floral scent, so now, I’m really enjoying coloring my hair.

I’ve been using it for 3 years now, and I never switch to a different hair color! I’ve tried natural hair color before (henna is very messy and time consuming) but honestly nothing compares. It’s very fast to use (same processing time as any other hair color – 30 minutes), it’s easily available and inexpensive, it colors my gray hair, but most importantly it doesn’t damage my hair and keeps it healthy. I posted a hair coloring tutorial on MY REELS, so click here If you want to check it out!

Post a link to the exact Garnier Olia shade I’m currently using on Instagram shopping page, so click here to the store!

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