How does Ghostbusters: Afterlife fit into the long-running franchise

It may be normal to have a file Ghostbusters franchise He will not remain dead. The beloved 1984 horror and action comedy spawned two sequels, and Friday, a fourth part Ghostbusters The movie will appear. Ghostbusters: The Afterlife Directed by Jason Reitman, best known for films like Juno And arrive in airAnd who is also the son of the original Ghostbusters Director Evan Reitman.

New movie stars Weird things‘Finn Wolfhard (No stranger to Dressed as Ghostbusters), McKenna Grace, Carrie Coon, and Paul Rudd, as he takes the ghost movement from the streets of New York City to a small town in Oklahoma. Although he owes a lot to the original movie (it’s no spoiler to say that a Familiar face or two appearances), Ghostbusters: The Afterlife It is actually a little out of 80’s movies– even out of 2016 movie whose approach to restarting the franchise sparked ugly controversy.
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So, if you have questions about Ghostbusters: The Afterlife Before the premiere on November 19, who will you call? I’ve got you covered. We don’t break ghosts but we can Answer questions.

The sequel to the next generation of Ghostbusters

Kimberly French – Sony Pictures Entertainment Finn Wolfhard, McKenna Grace and Logan Kim in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”

Ghostbusters: The Afterlife Focuses on Callie (Coon), a single mother, and her two teenage children Trevor (Wolfhard) and awkward baby Phoebe (Grace). Faced with eviction, they have no choice but to leave town and head to the dilapidated old farm that Cali’s estranged father left after his death. They hit the road and make their way to Summerville, Oklahoma, a small town where nothing usually happens — but lately, there’s been a lot of seismic activity that can’t be explained scientifically, Phoebe’s new teacher Chad Gruberson (Rudd) explains. As Phoebe makes her first boyfriend on a sassy co-worker who uses the alias podcast (Logan Kim) and Trevor begins to crush his co-worker Lucky (Celeste O’Connor), everyone finds themselves embroiled in a ghostly adventure – and it turns out that the proton and Ecto-1 beams might be The idle in the ranch garage is an inheritance.

While the film’s initial trailers were a bit timid, the promotions that came close to release (not to mention the influx of spoilers from a surprise show at New York Comic Con in October) made it quite clear. Ghostbusters: The Afterlife It will actually feature some characters from 80’s movies. hereafter It is a direct sequel to these two, and there are several plot points that directly reference or echo the origin story. (Ghostbusters 2 It’s also supposed to be canon, but hereafter do not refer to it explicitly to the same extent.)

To tell more about how hereafter connects with the original Ghostbusters You might venture too far into spoiler territory, but let’s just say there are some characters (human And ghost) appearing again, plus some additional links and lots of Easter eggs.

hereafter Not related, however, to 2016 Ghostbusters Directed by Paul Feig. This movie that sparkled Melissa McCarthyKristen Wiig Kate McKinnon And Leslie Jones As the female team of Ghostbusters, it was a true reboot of the series. A little bit of the Original cast members She appeared in cameo roles, but as new characters. who – which hereafter Exists and has nothing to do with the 2016 movie is somewhat a sensitive topic. Feig’s film received a mixed critical reception at best, but is notorious for sparking an ugly anti-women reaction among so-called fans of the original who were upset that a group of women, not old men, were busting ghosts.

The controversy, along with a highly disappointing performance at the box office, prompted Sony to drop its sequel plan. Instead, they developed a third film set in the original continuity, eventually getting some original cast and Evan Reitman’s son Jason on board, with his father producing. (The controversy didn’t quite end there; Ritman Commentary, in a 2019 interview, that his movie “will bring the movie back to the fans” was met with a lot of consternation, although Later said It was misinterpreted and he liked Feig’s movie.)

And therefore, Ghostbusters: The Afterlife It is very much a direct continuation of the original Ghostbusters. However, it’s also a very different kind of movie in surprising ways – some more effective than others.

Ghostbusters: The Afterlife It has a completely different setting and tone than the originals

Ghostbusters: The Afterlife
Kimberly French – Sony Pictures Entertainment Paul Rudd and Carrie Cohn in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”

Ghostbusters It was beloved in part because it was a mixture of several different genres at once – comedy, horror, and action. hereafter She is all of those things, but she adds a fourth kind to the mix: It’s the story of coming of age, too. (In many ways, it’s closer to Weird thingsMore “grainy” ’80s nostalgia than actual ’80s movies, and not just because Wolfhard is in both).

As much as the toxic parts fans complained about from the 2016 movie heroines، hereafterThe main character, Phoebe, is a young woman. Aside from some spoiled nepotism, the characters in the 2016 movie are closer to the original ghost hunters than Phoebe and Brother Trevor and their various friends.

While the original Ghostbusters – Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) and Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd), Egon Spengler (the late Harold Ramis) and Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) – they were middle-aged men starting a business together, this next generation of Ghostbusters are teens. Instead of the somewhat bleak environment of New York City in the 1980s, hereafter It takes place in a small town dripping with flavors of Americana—a place where the local malt store is still fairly crowded and is essentially a golden hour all day. It’s not exactly sugary, but it sure is sweet. Meanwhile, the original movies had more ups and downs, and they never tried to be warm the way they did hereafter He is.

There’s still plenty of storytelling, lightning scares, and some more action-detailed action sequences than anything else in the first two films, but despite being so closely connected to the originals, hereafter Basically it looks like a different movie. Ghostbusters And Ghostbusters 2 They were comedies for adults that kids loved too. hereafter It is more family friendly on purpose.

Ghostbusters: The Afterlife Taking franchise in a new direction – until it doesn’t happen

Ghostbusters: The Afterlife
Kimberly French – Sony Pictures Entertainment Mr. Gary Gruberson (Paul Rudd) and Phoebe (McKenna Grace) in “Ghostbusters: After Life” from Columbia Pictures.

If you are looking for a super fun movie about some kids going on an adventure and finding themselves, Ghostbusters: The Afterlife It works, for the most part. Easter eggs and their connections to the original movies – where they are in the first place Ghostbusters As a privilege – it is somewhat secondary and unnecessary sin. A child who has not seen the first two films before can enter the theater and have fun hereafter Without any prior knowledge or nostalgia.

However – and again it’s hard to talk about this without spoiling things too frankly – at one point, the nostalgia and debt of an ’80s movie essentially consumes itself hereafter, similar to Muncher. To give an italic hint of what we’re talking about: hereafter Includes two views after credits. Neither scene appears Phoebe, Trevor, or any other “new” character introduced in the film.

So, even hereafter It expands in many ways what viewers can expect from a file Ghostbusters A movie—introducing new traits, tones, and character types—also feels the need to stick with the originals. For viewers eager to discover Easter eggs and feeling the nostalgic rush when an old favorite enters the frame, this is a treat. For those who have been enjoying a surprisingly new and surprisingly effective story in Ghostbusters Universe, maybe it’s kind of a bummer. The franchise pivoted after the ugliness of the 2016 reboot, and was able to find a way to do something new even while going straight back to the originals, but in the end it felt like it had to be a little more evident in demonstrating ’80s nostalgia.

The famous ghost hunters are not afraid of any ghost, but hereafter He seems afraid really Take the Ghostbusters franchise in a new direction, even as it proves there is potential to make the premise work in a different environment with a different tone. What is the point of relying on existing IP bankability, unfortunately, if not to extract enough familiar items from this IP to fill the seats in the theater? Far from eliminating ghosts, hereafter Attempts to revive the dead.

There will likely be additional sequels to hereafter, assuming it does well at the box office. (Critics have, for the most part, been mixed up with the film, particularly because of this nostalgia at the end.) Whether those future installments continue to expand the world of Ghostbusters or shrink them into the familiar remains to be seen. The living don’t know what life is like after that hereafter.

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