Iceland Caricatures Video Mark Zuckerberg “metaverse” to create a tourist ad

An Icelandic satirical ad mocked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to rebrand his company to “Meta” by introducing audiences to the reality of the “Icelandverse”.

It’s been two weeks since Mr. Zuckerberg announced a rebranding of his company, but the mockery and deception of the brand online no longer exist.

One of these videos, the CEO’s cartoon, came from “Inspired by Iceland,” a communications platform owned by Business Iceland, a public-private partnership with the country’s Ministry of Tourism that seeks to promote and market Iceland.

The video, which was uploaded to Icelandic-inspired social media pages on November 11, features Icelandic actor and writer Gorondor Ragnarsson, who plays a character named “Chief Visual Officer Zach Mosbergsson”.

Wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, Mr. Ragnarson can be seen in the video imitating the Facebook founder’s embarrassing style.

“Today, I want to talk about a revolutionary approach to how we connect our world, without being too outlandish,” Ragnarson says in the video, kicking off a tour of the country’s scenic attractions.

“Some said it’s not possible. Some said it’s far-fetched. For them, we say it’s already here. Anug. Look, it’s here,” he adds, pointing to a window showing the vast snow-capped mountains scattered across the country.

Ragnarson then took a swipe at Zuckerberg’s push into virtual reality by saying that “Iceland Mirror has augmented actual reality, without silly-looking headphones. In our open-world experience, everything is real.”

The parodies highlight Iceland’s scenic beauty, including the country’s hot springs, waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains. The ad also mocks Zuckerberg for his use of sunscreen, which he has often been photographed using.

Zuckerberg acknowledged the parody and responded to the Facebook page with inspiration from Iceland. “Amazing. I need to take a trip to Iceland Fierce soon. Glad you’re wearing sunscreen too,” he said.

The smart video was an instant hit on social media, racking up over 3.5 million views on Twitter alone.

“Hand gestures made me cry,” historian Mar Hicks wrote in a quoted tweet.

Another Twitter user wrote: “This is the stuff of genius.”

The Scandinavian country was a popular travel destination among European tourists before the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Iceland welcomed 2 million visitors and is likely to welcome around 700,000 travelers this year.

During the Meta rebranding process in October, Zuckerberg revealed a glimpse of his company’s plans to build a “metaverse,” a digital world built with the ability to connect people in futuristic virtual landscapes through the aid of virtual and augmented reality technologies. According to the founder.

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