Inside, Outside: Jano Edwards Everwonderful

The tiny island of Jamaica has a distinct visual identity – it is known for its beauty, music and liveliness of population, elements that Jano Edwards documents in his illustrated book, since when. Edwards left Jamaica at the age of 16, and moved to New York City. For Edwards, returning to the island—which he does annually—is a time for reflection; The period in which it exists as an entry, intruder, local, and visitor.

“I spent a lot of time outside [Jamaica], and that gave me a certain perspective,” explains the photographer. In his self-published book, he compiles four years (and four trips) into a visual diary of photos. Edwards’ relationship to his homeland is mediated by his constant documentation of the islanders, and his unique eye captures the nation in a way that he can’t Anyone outside or local can do it.Through the photographs, Edwards paints a deeply personal portrait of the island.There is comfort and a sense of peace within the work;a warm feeling of home.

“I’m tired of seeing Jamaica in this stereotypical, specific way,” he says. “I wanted to show the mundane, the ordinary, and explore how I see it.” Pictures are honest and truthful. Edwards captures the often unseen sides of the island; Aspects that make his home, his home.

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