Insta360 One and X2 get a speed boost

Insta360 is known for breaking the photography mold, first with its corporate line of 360-degree cameras and more recently with its compact multifunctional One R action camera.

Insta360 has released a major firmware update for the Insta360 One R and Insta360 X2 that enhances the speed and performance of the cameras. This new update for cameras increases workflow speeds and helps improve the speed at which files and video reformats can be downloaded.

As the user base of Insta360 cameras expanded rapidly, the company has listened to user feedback and updated and improved its software offerings. Already this year (2021), we’ve seen new features like loop recording, 360 lock and interface updates for both the Insta360 app and studio.

“Insta360 has been committed to improving our cameras long after they were first unboxed. We hope this update will help our users get better shots from their cameras and facilitate more creative editing,” said JK Liu, Founder of Insta360.

Insta360 Snap Wizard: Revolutionizing How 360 Videos Are Reframed

One of the great advantages of 360 cameras is the ability to recreate the composition of the shot after it has been taken, effectively shooting first, and pointing later.

Although Insta360 cameras have offered 360-degree rework for quite some time, handling the tools can be tricky. With Snap Wizard, you have three easy options to select how to reconfigure ready-to-export flat video.

The first option is to physically move the phone to direct the video in the direction you want it. The second is to slide your finger around the screen, and finally, you can use the new Deep Track 2.0 to identify the target and then let the AI ​​apps track and reframe the subject automatically.

Insta360 Quick FlowState: Gimbal-like snapshots without editing

All-new stabilization feature has been added to ONE R 4K and 1 inch Wide Angle Mods modes. This new electronic image stabilization updates the existing primary camera stabilization algorithm and provides significantly improved performance directly from the camera.

This is a huge enhancement to camera quality and aims to align image stabilization quality with that of GoPro’s HyperSmooth and DJI’s RockSteady.

This new mode is applied automatically while shooting video and can be used in 4K 50fps, 4K 30fps, 25fps, 24fps and all modes supported under older base stabilization.

This mode also enables you to apply Horizon Lock and aspect ratio when recording a clip in Pro mode.

Insta 360 Quick Reader: A faster and better way to edit on your phone

As part of the new firmware update, Insta360 is introducing two new devices to help improve workflow. The two new portable flash drives are removable storage units that can be connected to your camera and mobile phone.

This creates a super-fast hardware connection between the two devices and instantly boosts transfer speeds. The new device allows files to be transferred from the camera directly to the SD card in the reader unit, which can then be used to transfer files to the phone or edit video footage.

The reader comes with a built-in USB Type-C and Lightning connector as standard.

Insta360 firmware and speed reader is now available.

Besides boosting the performance of the new firmware and hardware, there are also brand new features that users have been calling for.

This includes the ability to use the app in landscape mode on iPads to improve the editing experience, and in the ONE R, the touchscreen interface has been improved and made more responsive.

The firmware update is now available for download from the Insta360 website.

The Quick Reader is available through the Insta360 star for $59.99.

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