Jessie J shares that she had a miscarriage

Roommates, we are keeping singer Jesse Jay up in prayer during this difficult time. Sharing that she’s decided to have a baby on her own, she was excited to share the news on stage on her show in Los Angeles on Wednesday. However, during a visit to her doctor recently, she learned that there was no longer a heartbeat.

On Wednesday afternoon, she shared a photo of herself giving a positive pregnancy test and said, “Yesterday morning I was laughing with a friend saying ‘Seriously though I’m going to continue working in LA tomorrow night without telling the whole audience she’s pregnant.'” By noon yesterday, I was dreading the idea of ​​getting through the party without breaking out… After going for the scan for the third time and being told there was no more heartbeat.”

Despite her sadness, Jesse expressed her desire to continue with her scheduled show.

“What I know is that I want to sing tonight. Not because I am avoiding grief or the process, but because I know that singing tonight will help me.” I’ve done two shows in two years and my soul needs it. Even more today. I know some people will think they should cancel it. But at the moment I have clarity on one thing. I started singing when I was young for joy, to fill my soul, and cure self-love, which never changes and I must remedy this on my way.”

While continuing to express her grief, Jesse shared that the scheduled L.A. show would continue, adding, “I might make fewer jokes but my heart will be in the room.”

We send love and positive energy to Jesse during this time.

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