Judge Kel Rittenhouse allows jurors to be randomly selected when deliberations begin in the murder trial

Roommates, deliberations have begun in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial, and the 18-year-old appears to play a direct role in jury selection. According to Associated Press news, Rittenhouse randomly picked the last 12 jurors who will decide his fate on Tuesday after he killed two protesters and wounded another last summer.

Judge Bruce Schroeder ordered Rittenhouse’s attorney to put scraps of paper in the drawing cylinder with 18 jurors written on it. All 18 jurors have sat during the trial over the past two weeks, but only 12 jurors will play a role in reaching a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Rittenhouse randomly selected six pieces of paper from the drum, and selected jurors who would not be among the last 12 debating the case. However, they were asked to remain in the courtroom until the jury issues a verdict.

It’s unclear whether Judge Schroeder’s decision was ethical or not, but Portage County District Attorney Robert Gamboa said the move was unheard of.

“I’ve never had a self-accused of name stripping,” Gamboa said. β€œIt was done by a member of the court.”

The former Milwaukee County District Attorney, Julius Kim, also participated in Schroeder’s move.

“It’s not unusual for substitutes to be chosen by lot,” Kim said. I have never seen a judge allow the accused to withdraw these names. This might be a little funky but there’s nothing wrong with that which I can really see.”

The jury began deliberations Tuesday after Rittenhouse pulled the numbers, and it’s still continuing. We’ll keep you updated on the latest story developments, Chambers.

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