Kim Kardashian Provides Update On Julius Jones Amid Silence From Oklahoma Governor As Execution Day Approaches

Kim Kardashian West hasn’t given up on defending inmate Julius Jones. With his execution scheduled for Thursday, Kim took to Twitter to share an update. The execution began in Oklahoma for Julius. His family received calls to punish the state. So far, there has been no word from Governor Kevin Stitt about Julius’ rule.

“I want to give you all an update on Julius Jones,” Kim wrote. “We are all eagerly awaiting a decision from Governor Stitt.. he can choose to accept the recommendation (for a second time) from the Parole Board, to grant Julius Clemency/Life w. the possibility of parole or execution Thursday 18.”

Convicted of murder

As previously reported, Julius is on death row for the July 1999 murder of Paul Howell. Paul was an insurance executive who was shot and killed in the driveway of his parents’ home. His sister and two daughters testified to the crime.

Julius has been behind bars since he was nineteen years old. He has spent time on death row since his conviction and sentencing in 2002, according to TSR investigators. He maintains his innocence, gaining supporters like Kim Kardashian.

The recommendation Kim mentioned was issued by the Oklahoma Board of Pardon and Parole on November 1. This is the second time the council has recommended this sentence between September and November.

“The Pardon and Parole Board has twice voted in favor of commuting Julius Jones’ death sentence, acknowledging the serious mistakes that led to his conviction and death sentence,” said Amanda Bass, Julius Jones’ senior advisor. We hope Governor Staten will exercise his authority to accept the recommendation of the Board of Directors and ensure that Oklahoma does not execute an innocent man.”

Execution in Oklahoma

In Kim’s Twitter thread, she broke down the Oklahoma execution. She says Julius has been on death watch for more than two weeks. Apparently, he is also being held in a cell a few feet from the executioner’s room. Julius was also “examined by stripping and x-rays, and a new set of clothes, shoes, mattresses and bedding was issued”.

In addition, Julius is reported to be “closely monitored by the staff” to the point where everything he eats and drinks is recorded. He cataloged and identified all of his personal belongings, along with who would receive his remains after his scheduled death.

“The state is so bent on revenge that it will do everything in its power to ensure Julius is killed – including resuscitating him if he goes into cardiac arrest before his execution.”

Kim continued to explain that Julius members would not be eligible for donations. She spoke of the inspector general who collected the body bag and marker and selected death witnesses. Julius’ phone privileges are set to expire at 9 p.m. Thursday. He will have his last meal and be “checked every 15 minutes for the last four hours of his life.”

“This is the cold mechanism of the death penalty in America,” Kim wrote. “In just two weeks, an innocent man can be killed. My heart goes out to Julius and the many other people who have suffered such a tragic error of justice.

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