“Life lessons make a better person”

Today, life is much better for me. She moved into her current residence four years ago with only her clothes, chair and carpet. Over time, I was able to return home. Art and photography are still an important part of her life, and while her environment and situation have changed drastically over the years, her love for creativity has remained steadfast. I have also volunteered for the past five years for a nightly charity, to feed and support those experiencing homelessness in central London.

“Homelessness was a horrific experience,” she ponders. “But life lessons make one a better person and more considerate of others in the same situation. Anyway, I’m not homeless anymore. I’m self-managing now. I’m waiting until May 17th when galleries reopen. I’ll be standing outside the doors!”

For more information visit CALM (Campaign Against Miserable Life)

Each of the participants’ projects will be published in 1854 Photography this week. All of them received compensation for their work.

cafe art, an organization that empowers homeless artists in London and has evolved, a housing and support charity, was instrumental in finding and supporting the individuals who participated in this project. CALM also has She helped support the participants throughout the project and will continue to support them after the campaign.

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