Lil Nas X has been named one of GQ Magazine’s Best Men of the Year

There is no doubt that Lil Nas X is having another memorable year. From his presence on social media to the conversations that revolved around the pictures of his songs, to the release of his first album, 2021 has gone down in Montero’s books.

on Monday, GQ magazine Lil Nas X announced as their first cover star for their 2021 Men of the Year list. In his interview, Lil Nas X talks about his dating life, his influence in the industry, and of course his music.

When it came to discussing whether it was difficult to involve his family in his music, he said, “It was a difficult decision because initially when I got into the music industry, I never wanted anything to do with my family or home life…but then, while The pandemic was going on, I was kind of thinking, We’re all human. We all have similar experiences. I’m sure there’s someone in exactly the same situation as me. So I might as well open up my life. I’d like to build an honest and authentic fan base. And I said, I have to go Over there. When I feel I shouldn’t, I feel like this is the time I should definitely go.”

Lil Nas X shared that he was in a relationship earlier last year. He said, “I actually started dating my last boyfriend last year, with whom I still have a good relationship. I love him to death. He is the best. I feel like it was the most dangerous relationship I’ve ever had.” And as much as the relationship has happened, he has said that it has become a liability.

When Lil Nas X was asked about the trolling that seemed to pay off when responding to criticisms of his work, he said, “It’s like a blessing and a curse, you know? Because sometimes those [negative responses] It can negatively affect your brain, especially if you are already in a bad mood. But you can also take it and create art with it. And that’s like the best situation I’m in because I’m taking all this trouble and making something good out of it.”

Check out his full interview Here.
as we are Previously Reported, last month Lil Nas X had his own day in Atlanta.
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