Macron returns the French flag to a dark blue from a light shade in the European Union

The French presidency has returned the blue color of the country’s tricolor flag to the marine tone that prevailed before 1976 in reference to the revolution.

The blue color of the flags adorning the Elysee Palace was first changed a year ago but is largely unnoticed.

Previously, it was a lighter shade to match the blue of the European Union flag as decided by President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing in 1976.

“The President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron) chose for the tricolor flags that adorn the Elysee Palace the dark blue that evokes the imagination of second-year volunteers, the 1914 Poilus and the Compagnons de la Libération of Free France,” the Presidency said.

“It is also the blue flag that is always flown under the Arc de Triomphe every (Armistice Day) November 11,” the statement added.

Volunteers of the second year refer to the men who voluntarily joined the army in 1791 as the country was still experiencing revolution to defend the territory from an alliance led by Prussia.

The director of Elysee operations, Arnaud Juliens, is the origin of the initiative. In the book “Elysée Confidentiel” released in mid-September by journalists Eliot Blondet et Paul Larrouturou, he stated that he visited Mikron in his office on the eve of France’s National Day in July 2020, carrying two flags of different shades of blue.

“By the way, I will change the flags on all the Presidency buildings tomorrow.” The head of state smiles. “Giscar changed this blue for aesthetic reasons during the rapprochement with Europe, but the flag all presidents have been running since then has not been the true French flag,” the book recounts the conversation between Julens and Macron as it goes.

According to Yulins, the cost of this symbolic operation amounted to 5,000 euros.

The navy blue flag appeared again at the Elysee before this date, however, it has appeared as the president’s speeches since his televised address on December 31, 2018.

Macron also in 2018 added a cross of Lorraine to the emblem of the presidency, a presumed reference to General Charles de Gaulle, whose 50th death anniversary and the 80th anniversary of the resumption of June 18 in 2020.

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