Malcolm X: Two men convicted of murdering civil rights leader ‘expected acquittal’ after 55 years

Two men convicted of the Malcolm X murder are expected to be acquitted – more than 50 years after the civil rights leader was shot and killed.

The acquittal of the two men, Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam, would mark a stunning turning point surrounding the consequent killing of the country’s black leader.

It also represented a major victory for those who argued that the two men had been framed and that the evidence had been covered up.

The New York Times said the announcement of the two men, known at the time of the murders as Norman 3X Butler and Thomas X Johnson, could happen this week.

The two men spent decades in prison for murder on February 21, 1965 at the Harlem Audubon Hall.

However, there were doubts about their guilt from the start.

Former NYPD Official Claims FBI Responsible for Malcolm X’s Death

The move reportedly came after a nearly two-year investigation by officials from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Cyrus Vance Jr., and lawyers for the two men, both of whom have always insisted they are innocent.

Mr Vance’s office noted a tweet writing: “NEWS: DA Vance, Tweet embed, and the Shanies Law Office will move to overturn the wrongful convictions of two men for the murder of Malcolm X. More will come tomorrow.”

In an interview, he told times The investigation found that the FBI and the New York City Police Department had withheld key evidence that could have led to the two men’s acquittal, had it been handed over more than 55 years ago.

He said the failures of the city’s law enforcement agencies could not be remedied, but “what we can do is admit what was wrong, and the seriousness of the mistake.”

“This points to the fact that throughout history law enforcement has often failed to fulfill its responsibilities,” he said. “These men did not get the justice they deserved.”

Mr. Aziz was released in 1985 and has maintained his innocence. His attorney, David Shanese, a civil rights attorney, also did not immediately respond to questions.

The second man, Khalil Islam, died in 2009.

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