Nigerian orphanages to get over $600,000 earned by Davido from viral Christmas order

Davido hopes to turn his viral birthday request into an annual tradition. Last week, the artist asked friends and collaborators for one million Nigerian naira. Davido earned over $400,000 in about two days! But, according to the artist, not only this money will be in his bank account!

Davido donates

Instead, the artist added 50 million naira (about $121,000) to Wema’s bank account. He plans to donate the entirety of the over $600,000 USD to Nigerian orphanages and the Baruch Foundation. The nonprofit focuses on educating people about drug abuse and addiction, according to their website.

“My goal is to raise funds every year to celebrate my birthday and give back to people in need,” Davido said in a press release provided to The Shade Room. “I hope my friends, fans, colleagues in the industry and the public will continue to support me as I lead this cause.”

In the statement, he expressed his “sincere gratitude” to everyone who “donated hard-earned money.” At this time, he created a five-person committee to oversee the disbursement of funds. Davido hopes to keep the process transparent by sharing the names of the orphanages and the amount they receive!

How did the fundraising program start?

As previously reported, he started collecting coins after he suggested to his friends to send just over $2,400 USD.

“We rise by raising others, we rise by raising others for the past 100 years,” Davido said on Instagram. “So I want to know who my friends are, all my friends I want a million naira.”

The moment was just Davido “in his usual playful manner”. But he also brought the joke to Twitter. Within hours, the money started pouring in. And Davido kept social media users entertained with frequent snapshots of the bank account.

At one point he tweeted, “I’m crying already. Just be a good ppl guy!!! God! I really love you guys!!!”

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