Nushratt Bharuccha talks about her role in Chhorii

Nushratt Bharuccha recently shared her upcoming trailer, Chhorii, which is also her first solo lead project. As evidenced by the trailer, the actress plays a pregnant woman, trying to protect her child from evil spirits in a remote village.

To be in sync with Chhorii’s unaware protagonist, Nushratt avoided watching the Marathi version of the film, and made a conscious decision not to read the full text of the film beforehand. The actress wanted to discover the twists in the story along with her character, thus presenting an honest portrayal.

Speaking to a leading newspaper, the actress revealed, “I haven’t seen the original movie. It was also a conscious decision not to read Khoury’s full script.”

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She adds, “I didn’t go to acting school; I learned on the job. So, I decided to try a new way of approaching the movie. By not knowing what would happen next, I was weak and unprepared like Sakshi.” [her character] I was. I didn’t want to pre-empt files [proceedings]. Survive in the event that [she] He has no control over the brands [my character] You feel weak as well as strong. She feels responsible for her child. It drained me so much that I collapsed twice on the set. I was crying in the field. The team couldn’t control me, so they just let me get everything out.”

Chhorii was directed by Vishal Furia and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra, Jack Davis and Shikhaa Sharma. Written by Vishal Furyya, Vishal Kapoor, it will be released on November 26 on the leading OTT platform.

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