Our bedroom – in front of Rue Louise Roe

This is the room that is probably the most similar to the old house – we liked it so much we wanted to repeat it in London but with some modifications.

The rug is super soft by Alternative Flooring—it’s Wool Pebble in Omaha. Wool is so beautiful because it has that soft slight bounce; Winter warms up and the color we chose goes with everything, so we have it all over the house. I just have to be careful with my red wine!

The curtains came from the old house because I certainly didn’t want to part with them, and the lady of the curtain cleverly lengthened the curtains. I bought an extra canvas from Penny Morrison (it’s called Vine Flower) and added a pretty much invisible line. It’s a misconception that you can’t make curtains longer – just add some of the same material and you can make them work in a different space. It’s not easy but the curtain maker made it happen! I think he is very smart.

The paint is the same as the one in our bedroom before – Lichen by Farrow & Ball – and it’s a perfect green because it’s really warm and pairs well with my antiques! The bed is by Soho Home and the bedding is by my favorite Sarah K Designs; We went to print Ditsy in Ruby. It’s the sweetest little print without being overwhelming, 100% cotton and has tie drawstrings instead of the poppers I love. White Square Pillows are the trusted White Company.

I always like to dress up bedside tables (although they don’t stay pretty for long!) so we have a little Pooky lamp and shade on the Mackenzie side and on either side, a hand-painted night lamp in a scalloped shade both from eBay. They were both new to our bedroom and I absolutely love that they don’t match. Small baskets from Rebecca Udall, Mackenzie have coins in his bag and I have earrings in mine! I also have a Pomander Diptyque candle that I adore.

One of the things I loved about our bedroom in the old house was the small antique chair we used as a small table. She’s placed some design books on it, including “La Dolce Vita” which is filled with stunning Slim Aarons photography. The tall guy you might remember from the Honor room fits perfectly in the alcove by the fireplace…I love it when it happens and on top I put a tray lamp base from Ebay under a cream lamp shade with red tubes from Alice Palmer. We have a lot of lampshades at home, they are great.

I’ve kept the fireplace itself very simple—Birdie Fortescue’s Tamegroute Sconce with Marble Candles is by Violet Rose Living. I love these candlesticks. Tamegroute is a small village on the desert side of Morocco and they are famous for this beautiful green pottery. I think it’s the perfect shade for the room as it pairs well with Farrow & Ball paint.

There’s a really lovely sunny corner at the other end of the room under the window and I found a great OKA armchair to go in, with a ruffled pillow from Westcot House. I hope it’s one of my comforting little reading corners. On the table is one of my all-time favorite home pieces—a polished Alice Palmer terracotta lamp with a wavy beige lampshade from a Munro and Kerr x A Consiced Space collaboration! I’m totally in love with him.

This is the master bedroom. Art is a work in progress and I can’t wait to have a little fun with it, but for now it’s a near-replica of our much-loved rustic bedroom, more suited to London living. What room would you like to see next?

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