Poland says migrants are still trying to cross the border from Belarus

The number of migrants and refugees trying to enter Poland from Belarus has decreased in the past few days.

But the Polish defense minister claimed that migrants were still trying to cross the border.

“Small groups of people are trying to cross the border in many places,” said Marius Blaschak.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said he will hold a series of talks in Europe about migrant pressures at the European Union’s border with Belarus.

Morawiecki said he met on Sunday with counterparts from EU members Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who have also been hit by migrant pressures in recent months, albeit to a lesser extent.

During the week, he will travel to other European countries, which he did not name.

Morawiecki said on Facebook that it is a “very dangerous geopolitical situation” and requires a lot of diplomatic effort as many migrants from the Middle East remain in Belarus and continue their attempts to reach EU member Poland.

The latest attempts occurred on Friday night when migrants threw stones and used tear gas against Polish border guards and police, according to Polish border guards.

“That is why I set out on a trip to some European countries, to talk about the international crisis provoked by the actions of Alexander Lukashenko,” said Morawiki, referring to the President of Belarus.

“Unfortunately, there are many indications that this geopolitical crisis will continue for many months and even years,” Morawiecki said.

The West accused Lukashenko of using migrants as pawns to destabilize the European Union in retaliation for the sanctions it imposed on his authoritarian regime. Belarus denies planning the crisis, which has seen migrants enter the country since last summer and then try to cross into Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Poland is pushing migrants to back off, saying it is protecting the borders of all of Europe. It has received words of support from the European Union, NATO and the United States

A number of migrants died in the humid forests adjacent to the border.

Some migrants have given up their hopes of reaching Europe and returned to their countries of origin this week.

Humanitarian organizations were pushing for the possibility of providing assistance to stranded migrants, and NGOs in Poland organized charitable groups.

Rallies in support of migrants will be held in Warsaw and the border town of Hagnoka on Saturday.

Poland’s Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, said that assistance should be provided primarily to potential immigrants in the countries where they live.

“Let’s not lure these people here, let’s help them where they come from,” said Blachchak.

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