Preview of The Onion’s Winter 2021

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the big-budget sequel and Oscar-nominated sequel are among the films that hit American screens for the rest of the year. onions Highlights of the most anticipated films of winter 2021.

Humans: It is widely expected to settle once and for all the question of whether the American public is willing to watch films about humans.

sing 2: In an hour and 50 minutes, it is 40 minutes shorter than Resurrection MatrixSo here’s two dollars for the hallways in the hallway.

come on come onFilmed in black and white, Joaquin Phoenix’s new A24 tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it.

Being Ricardos: When cosmetic procedures make Lucy’s face unknown, will Ricky allow her to sing at the club?

Real Charlie Chaplin: This documentary about the silver screen legend features rare, never-before-seen footage of Chaplin’s fall to the ground.

Back to the outback: An Australian animated feature about animals escaping from a zoo only to discover they are too institutionalized to survive in the strange world they once called home.

do not search: Enough huge celebs on board with all of this to drive her black.

Resurrection Matrix: Critics question whether this long-awaited sequel can live up to the crushing disappointment of previous sequels.

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