Secrets About Your Notebook That Might Make You Cry

8. Gosling was way too small

Throughout the movie, Gosling actually covered his child’s depression and wore brown contact lenses James Garner, the famous actor who played Noah the Elder, had brown eyes. While the younger Noah was very concerned about continuity, Garner, who passed away just a month after the film’s release in July 2004, didn’t really care. According to Cassavetes, Gosling approached the older actor about accents as well…which led to a very hilarious conversation.

“[Ryan] He says, “I was thinking about accents. There are all kinds of South Carolina accents—there are a lot of rural accents” and this and that. [Garner] He says, ‘I don’t do dialects, boy. They are idiots, said Cassavetes [Ryan] He goes, “Okay. What about eye color? I have blue eyes. You have brown eyes. He says, ‘Everyone knows Jim Garner has brown eyes.’” Do whatever you want, boy. [Ryan] He says, ‘Well, I think I’ll wear contact lenses. What about the hair?’ And he says, ‘Do whatever you want, boy. Nice to meet you. See you later.’ Ryan looked at me and said, “Shut up, don’t say a word. This is just an example of two very different types of acting styles. Both are very successful.”

Another example of Gosling’s way of acting a bit too far is his suggestion of burning down Noah’s house as a metaphor for his feelings. “He’d come to me and say, ‘Why can’t I burn down the house?'” “Cassavett revealed,” I would say, “because I don’t even know what that means.” And he was saying, “Fire cleansing!” “Gosling’s idea didn’t make the final result, and the gorgeous home still stands on Wadmalow Island, South Carolina.

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