Secrets of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ Enduring Love

Michael was there promoting Perfect murder, and asked to meet me,” she recalled to New Yorker in April. “I remember walking through the hotel door when I arrived, and he walked right beside me with a golf bag on his shoulder. So I went, ‘Well, I guess he really wanted to meet me,’ he walked right near me. ” he knows Antonio [Banderas, her Zorro co-star] And Melanie [Griffith, Banderas’ wife at the time] For many years, he joined us all for drinks and dinner. That night we found out we had the same Christmas.”

Famously, Douglas told Zeta-Jones – who was born on September 25 just as he was, only 25 years later – at the time and there he would be the father of her children.

And she went, ‘Okay. I have read a lot about you. I have seen a lot about you. I heard a lot about you. Good night,” she continued, β€œand I went to bed and got up at five in the morning, went to London, changed my plane, went to Aberdeen, and got on the ferry to Isle of Mull.” And there was a large bouquet of flowers that said, “I’m sorry if I scared you. I love, Michael Douglas.” He always says if the florist who brought those flowers to Mull saved his life. And I’ll say if someone says they’re going to have your kids when you just meet them, that’s a little scary. Unfortunately he was right again.”

In fact, Zeta-Jones said And In 2016, while she couldn’t pinpoint her favorite career moment, her all-time high was “Having had two of my kids, and the first ones to cuddle with was absolutely amazing.”

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