See what’s inside Jennie Mae’s travel-themed baby shower

During the baby shower, attendees sipped cups of Owl’s Brew, where Jenny serves as head of the brand, Naud Cognac, with whom Jeezy has partnered, and Avión Tequila. They dined on a world-inspired lunch served by Chef Marcel and Jenny from Married to Food Catering. Attendees had an array of options to choose from, including hummus, tuna toppings, French green beans, chicken Marsala, and salmon with homemade chimichurri.

Through all the planning, Jenny’s loved ones were on top of their minds. “I wanted a shower to make everyone feel appreciated, whether they were parents or not,” Jenny explained. “We’re very busy these days, and I haven’t seen some of my friends since those days I thought I’d never be a mother, so it was great to celebrate the decision of our lives.”

Of course, it was also a time to have some fun and enjoy this special time before the baby was born. “I’ve kept Baby J a secret for so long that it’s surreal to finally celebrate with everyone,” Jenny said. “Also, we deprived ourselves of knowing the baby’s gender, so it was fun to watch everyone guess based on my cravings, my wife’s belly and their tales.”

When the party was over, guests headed home with gift bags featuring gifts of Pavé the Way jewelry, TooFaced Cosmetics, and Therabody. But before it’s time to say goodbye, Jenny’s family and friends can document the special occasion inside the Pop Social photo booth.

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