Shalinda Young prepares to become the first black woman to head the Office of Management and Budget after being nominated by President Biden

#Roommates, President Biden just submitted a major nomination within his administration that is set to make history. It was recently announced that President Biden has nominated Shalanda Young to be the new head of Office and Budget Management β€” and if the nomination is formally approved, she will be the first black woman ever to hold the position.

APNews reports, in a video announcement revealing the news that he has formally nominated Shalanda Young to lead the Office of Management and Budget (making her the first black woman to do so) President Biden spoke about Young’s leadership and qualifications. β€œIt has continued to impress me and congressional leaders as well,” he said, acknowledging that Young had been in the role of acting director for most of 2021.

After Biden’s official nomination of Shelanda Young, it’s now time for the Senate to vote on her formal appointment. However, as of now, it’s not clear when the confirmation vote will be scheduled – although it should be noted that in March, her appointment as deputy director was confirmed by a 63-67 vote with more than a dozen Republicans supporting her.

According to sources, the only potential obstacle to Young’s new historic title could be West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who recently proved to be a pivotal vote on President Biden’s agenda in the House of Representatives.

Previously, Shalanda Young was the personnel director of the House Appropriations Committee. Following news of her nomination, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated via an official statement that he was “deserved.”

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