Shawn Booth questions the credibility of Kaitlyn Bristow’s ex post

He completed. “You had to fly under a pseudonym. Someone would come and take me over to my house and be like, ‘Eric?'” I will say, ‘Yes. I’m Eric.” Because she was Ariel little mermaid. And then, we’d travel under those names and then you would go to this house in one car. I was going to move into this house in a few hours, and the house, in the middle of Los Angeles, would be quite secluded–the trees, the fence, like, you’re not allowed to leave the property. Every counter only has booze and food and they’re like, ‘Okay, don’t leave. Enjoy.'”

Sean added that a producer also stayed home. “It’s like, OK, so let’s get drunk and eat and do other things that new couples do,” said the reality star.

Kaitlyn actually talked about her undercover times with Sean. She said in 2018, months before they announced their separation And That the two had a “couple’s happy weekend” at a property after their engagement, and also talked about getting the alias Ariel and Eric when they moved in separately.

In addition, also in 2018, a fellow graduate of the nation’s Bachelor Becca Kafrin She flagged “Happy Couples’ Weekend” with a star Ari Luyendyk Jr., her now ex-husband, in the final episode of season 22 of BSC.

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