Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James should be suspended after the incident with Isaiah Stewart

Roomies, if you believe Stephen A. Smith Won’t Talk About Last Night’s Incident With LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart on “First Take,” Think Again. Things got tense on the basketball court when an altercation occurred as LeBron swung his elbow and hit the Detroit Pistons hard enough to make him bleed. Today, Stephen sat down with his co-host to talk about the consequences he believes LeBron deserves.

Stephen spoke candidly about the event and stated that LeBron is a great player who knows how much space he takes up on the court. Plus, he said the four-time NBA champion knew exactly what he was doing by throwing his elbow. Stephen made it clear that he didn’t want to see LeBron receive special treatment. As the conversation continued, Stephen got straight to the point.

He said, “It should be hung.” “I totally agree with Anthony Davis from the point of view that he doesn’t have a reputation as a dirty player. That’s not who LeBron James is. But that doesn’t mean the play wasn’t dirty. You swung your elbow. And because you swung your elbow and did that kind of damage, the This is what caused the accident.” Stephen’s co-host Ryan Clark also agreed with him that LeBron was wrong, especially given his status as one of the best basketball players in the NBA.

LeBron wasn’t the only one to get the heat from Stephen. He also spoke about Isaiah, saying that although he doesn’t know much about the player, he respects his talent. “When he initially went to LeBron James, he didn’t go up like that. But how did he behave after that, I think he deserved to be suspended for a few games. You can’t; you can’t act like that,” he explained. “He ran over a lot of players and coaches. I’m not talking about having to hold it back. He scoured several men, including coaches who were clearly older men. He could have hurt his teammates. We know he didn’t intend to do this.”

It appears that the NBA took Stephen’s words into account because shortly after his comments, ESPN reported that both LeBron and Isaiah were suspended following the incident. LeBron has been suspended from one match and Isaiah for two years. Rooms, do you think this comment is fair?

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