Stouffer is aimed at people spending Thanksgiving alone with a new one-stop frozen family

ROSSLYN, Virginia – In an effort to better serve uninvited customers or host holiday meals, the folks at Stouffer are spending Thanksgiving alone on Thursday with a new, single-serve frozen family. “Our frozen one-serve families offer a convenient and intimate Thanksgiving solution for those who may not have anyone to celebrate with,” Stouffer spokeswoman Alison Wirth said, adding that the new product line comes in 12 different types of families. “For best results, simply remove the family’s frozen packages 24 hours before the meal to give them enough time to thaw in their chairs. If time is tight, you can also bake each family member in the oven on high for two hours, at which point Point they should be ready to talk, laugh and cheer for the football game.With our diverse families, you can have grandparents, kids, aunts, uncles – even a small dog! At Stouffer, we believe everyone who has Thanksgiving alone this year deserves the same loving family experience Like those who can meet their loved ones by introducing their loved ones to you.” At press time, Stouffer has issued a recall of thousands of defective one-serving frozen families that contain a cousin who is a true idiot.

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