The 8-year-old boy became the sixth person to die in a Wisconsin motorcade crash

An eight-year-old boy became the sixth victim to die after a man drove his SUV through a Christmas parade in a Milwaukee suburb on Sunday.

The suspect, Daryl Brooks Jr., 39, was charged with five counts of first-degree murder, a charge punishable by life in prison if convicted.

The criminal complaint alleges that he went hand in hand with the intent to strike protesters and onlookers.

He rocked back and forth in his seat and cried throughout Tuesday’s court session, his lawyer’s arm on his back, as the charges against him were detailed.

Bail was set at $5 million, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for January 14.

“The nature of this crime is appalling,” said Waukesha District Commissioner Kevin Costello.

Waukesha County Prosecutor Susan Ober said additional charges related to the sixth death and more than 60 injured will be issued later this week or next.

The criminal complaint said 62 people were injured, up from 48 announced by police.

Brooks is accused of quickly evading police and entering the Waukesha Christmas parade on Sunday night, refusing to stop even when an officer hit his hood.

Another policeman fired three bullets at the car, but it did not stop.

Five people aged between 52 and 81 died within hours.

Jackson Sparks, 8, among several infected children, died on Tuesday.

He was walking the show with his 12-year-old brother Tucker, who was injured in the accident and was being discharged from the hospital, according to his GoFundMe page.

“This afternoon, our dear Jackson died of his injuries and passed away,” wrote Alyssa Albro, the page’s organizer.

The city’s live video and the passerby’s video captured the chaotic scene as an SUV sped along the parade road and then into the crowd. Many of the wounded are still in critical condition.

Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said Brooks was leaving the scene of an internal dispute that occurred just minutes earlier when he was driving down the parade route.

He was released on $1,000 bail for a Milwaukee County case earlier in November in which he was accused of intentionally hitting a woman with his car.

Prosecutors said they were investigating their bail recommendation in the case, calling it inappropriately low.

Thompson said there was no evidence that Sunday’s bloodshed was a terrorist attack or that Brooks knew anyone on the show. The president said that Brooks acted alone.

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