The frantic exchange between DaBaby and DaniLeigh continues on social media The mother of his eldest daughter speaking

He was checking out in DaBaby’s bed in the early hours of Monday, and the situation kept getting worse after a few hours. as we are Previously She mentioned, Da Baby started the live broadcast when he and Danielle were arguing. She then took to social media to explain her side of the story and claimed that he ordered her to leave his house with their daughter. Danny explained that they had been living together since the birth of their daughter. She claims things got to a dangerous point early Monday after a Plan B pill was sent to his apartment.

Things escalated to a point when she said the police were called. She spoke emotionally on an Instagram Live and said she ended their relationship.

Mimi, the mother of Dababy’s eldest daughter, went live on Monday after she and Danielle exchanged a few words hours earlier. Mimi said, “I don’t care, karma ab*ch. The shoe is on the other foot, karma ab*tch. If I’m doing something on purpose to hurt Muthaf**ka, karma ab*tch.”

She also explained that anytime she says something, it’s because she’s clapping back into the situation.

“When you start making love spells on people and you start blaming people for making them kind of like you, or love you, it backfires on **,” she added.

Shortly after the meme went live, DaBaby jumped into his life to talk about the situation, and to the astonishment of many people, Danny Lee was still in his house. He made an effort to convince his followers that Danny Lee was crazy, even going so far as to say that they were never in a relationship, she was just a chick by his side.

This prompted Danny Lee to share a series of videos and photos that spanned from 2019 to 2021, making her argument that she’s not his chick side.

She said, “If all this was side chick behavior… I was blind in love and stupid… but ye this guy was embarrassing me on the internet! All because he knows he’s wrong.”

For a while, many people had suspected Dababi was the father of Danny’s baby girl, however, there was no verbal confirmation… until this situation. However, despite everything that has happened, DaBaby made sure to share a message about how seriously he takes it when it comes to parenthood.

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