The relationship between the president and the vice president is the most controversial in US history

accident Reports by onions And many lesser media outlets have found growing tensions between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, continuing the historical trend of a nation’s leader often at odds with the second-in-command. onions It examines the most contentious relations between the president and the vice president in US history.

John F. Kennedy / Lyndon Johnson: Despite being openly friendly, Johnson was humiliated by JFK’s repeated taunts that he did not have the courage to arrange the assassination of a president in his home state and the swearing in by a family friend of a swift transfer of power.

Ronald Reagan/George H.W. Bush: I often got into heated debates about who held more contempt for the nation’s poor.

Bill Clinton/Al Gore: A minor dispute over the job of the interns at the White House arose between these close friends one day.

Dwight Eisenhower / Richard Nixon: The relationship was strained from the start when Nixon began talking about all the crimes he would have done had he been president.

Dick Cheney/George W. Bush: It was a secret that President Cheney had no respect for his running mate.

Millard Fillmore: The thirteenth president didn’t have a vice president but he made the list because he was full of self-loathing.

James Polk / George Dallas: Polk was messy and Dallas was cranky.

George HW Bush / Dan Quayle: A disastrous experience in the exchange of wives.

John Adams / Thomas Jefferson: One shot the other, or maybe it was, no, yeah, one shot the other.

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